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Julie Mijatovich
POWER Port needles and whose needle do you use????//

We recently started seeing Smiths-Medical's Power Port.

We are trying to find out whose needle you really have to use to access it.  We normally see justs Bard's Power port.

Has anyone had this issue yet?

Smiths-Medical says you can use ANY power needle in their power port.

Bard says no, only bard in bard.

What is everyone else doing?


Julie Mijatovich, CRNI

Parkview Health

Fort Wayne, In

Gwen Irwin
As far as I can tell, the

As far as I can tell, the only access needle that is FDA approved for power injection is the Bard PowerLoc.  Anyone have other info?

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Julie Mijatovich
Smiths-Medical does have FDA

Smiths-Medical does have FDA approval for their port and their needle.  They have FDA approval for "any power port needle" in their port. 

Bard says just their needle in their port.  I just wondered if anyone had any other info or if they were doing anything different.  Our hospital and lawyers say since Smiths has approval it would be ok to use Bards needle in theirs.  It makes me leary and just checking in with you all.


Bard told us the same thing.

Bard told us the same thing. My understanding is that Smith recently got FDA approval for their needles for power injection. Interesting how the technology is advancing so fast that the manufacturers cannot test it well enough on all the ports on the market.  

Jose Delp RN BSN

Clinical coordinator IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

Jose Delp RN BSN

CliClinical Nurse Manager IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

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