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Pamela Zuchowski
Power Injectable valves on Power PICCs

My hospital uses power injectable picc lines. We were told recently that direct hook up to the picc line with the power injector was recommended. This has caused questions regarding whether CT techs can directly hook up to PICC lines or does it have to be an RN.

Also, does anyone know of positive pressure valves that are FDA approved for power injecting. I have checked with Baxter and their valves are not.

Attached is statement re:

Attached is statement re: The CLC2000 from ICU medical.

RE: Use of the CLC2000 with Power Injector Infusion


I think you talk about the

I think you talk about the blue pressure cap from Baxter. Actually it is not a real Baxter cap, it is the MaxPlus from Maximus....check there...


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