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I work in an outpatient infusion center within a hospital. Recently our policy on transfusions was updated. It now says if in the outpatient setting, the patient should be observed for an additional 30 minutes following the completion of the transfusion. We often transfuse 2 units blood on patients and have transfused 2 units blood and  2 units platelets for one patient in single day.  Prior to the policy update, when the transfusion was complete the patient was discharged.  Does anyone have any literature to support the 30 minute observation post transfusion in out patient setting?  Typically our patients can't wait to leave as getting blood is an all day affair with needing T & S, pre-medication, etc.








2021 INS SOP states to

2021 INS SOP states to monitor for adverse transfusion reactions by checking viral signs at 1 hour after transfusion completed. Also states to monitor for reactions for at least 4-6 hours and for patients not under direct observation to provide patient education about signs and symptoms of delayed reaction.  

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