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Jonathan Rolt
Post PICC instruction sheet.

Does anyone have a post -procedure instruction sheet? I have to come up with one for the nurses on the floor and for the ordering MD. instuctions on complications to look for , when to call the VAT and or MD. Our supervising MD suggested something like what post op care instructions would look like. I think I will have to make 3 different ones, patient,floor nurses and MD/PA/NP  this last one will have also have attatched order sheet for flush protcol, and dressing changes. I was hoping someone already had one, that would give me a head start. Too many people are trying to give in put on what should be in it.

       Thanks for your input

Jonathan Rolt
Nothing like this out there

Nothing like this out there arleady?????????????????????????????????????????

Peter Marino
Staff R.N. with no

Staff R.N. with no affiliation to any product or health care company(your basic front line grunt/wage slave)


Click on the download tap (top of page) go to Education for Staff and Patients.

 I quickly found this...,S,86512

When to Call Your Doctor

Call your doctor right away if you have any of the following:

  • Redness, swelling, or warmth at your insertion site

  • Drainage or pus from your insertion site

  • Medicine or fluids that do not drain from the bag into your PICC

  • Tubing that splits or leaks

  • Site around catheter bulges

  • Bleeding around the PICC site

  • Skin pulls away from the PICC site

  • Fever above 100.4°F or shaking chills

  • Shortness of breath or any chest pain

I'm sure there is more you can use.







Peter Marino R.N. BSN CRNI VA-BC Hospital based staff R.N. with no affiliation to any product or health care company.

The patient instruction

The patient instruction booklet from the manufacturer is a great tool. 

You can also add this from SHEA:

Mari Cordes, BS RN 

Nurse Educator IV Therapy
Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington VT
Educator, Bard Access Systems 

Mari Cordes, BS RNIII VA-BC
Vascular Access Department
University of Vermont Medical Center

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