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"Post Hire Certification Requirement"

Hi everyone, I was hired as a PICC RN for this little hospital. I had a PICC Cert when I was hired. I put in about 1000 PICC's a year, MST, US guided. However, HR still wants me to submit something they call "Post Hire Certification Requirement" which I really dont know what it is. They also really have no idea neither so they want me to take the PICC class again. I feel that it is a total waste of time and money. I did have a cert in XRay tip verification. But that was not what they want. I filled out 3 "Successful PICC Insertion" but still did not satisfy. Anybody has any idea? Thanks

I don't know what you mean by

I don't know what you mean by PICC cert as there is no national certification from a professional organization in the task of PICC insertion. Certification applies only to the volunteer process offered by organizations such as INS, ONS, AACN, etc. There is no certification in a specific task. Were you hired as an employee or a contractor? Either way, I think they are asking you to provide documentation of your competency but there is no recognized process for doing that. You could obtain a written letter from your former employer with details of your experience. That might work along with the certificate of completion from your original PICC insertion course and any certificates of attendance for conferences, seminars or other continuing education programs related to PICCs that you have attended through the years. There is a recognized process of creating a portfolio of our accomplishments to support our experience, qualifications and document continuing competency. Maybe that is what you need to create. I would guess that their request is coming from the Joint Commission's requirement for documentation of competency, which is totally different from a certification. Lynn

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