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Port Maintenance Flushing


 I was asked by our oncology clinic nurses if there has been anything said or if anyone else is doing anything as far as with the COVID 19 situation and port maintenance flushing. They are concerned with bringing those patients into the clinic for the flushing. She mentioned that the providers mentioned pushing them out to 12 weeks but nobody seems to want to back that up with any information. Any direction on this would be much appreciated.

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The orginal 30 days interval

The orginal 30 days interval came from the original manufactuers and has not changed in 40 years due to lack of evidence. Now there are studies showing that 90 day intervals are acceptable. Here is one study

1.Diaz JA, Rai SN, Wu X, Chao J-H, Dias AL, Kloecker GH. Phase II trial on extending the maintenance flushing interval of implanted ports. Journal of oncology practice. 2017;13(1):e22-e28.


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PORT Flushes

There is no quck answer.  If they are prone to needing TPA  then they can't wait. I have been able to stretch the patients ( mostly oncolgy) to 6 weeks without incident. Antedotal at best. But keeps them unexposed.

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