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PN, IFE and filters


I have searched the forum but cannot seem to find any recent information.  I am revising policies for PN and Lipid admin.  We do not do a triple mix. The research I see, (INS, ASPEN and ISMP) state are similar yet slightly different.  INS states to use the 0.2 micron for the PN and the 1.2 micron for the Lipids, which would mean connecting after the .2 micron filter.  This is where I am heading unless someone has some additional  (best practice) informaton that may be helpful? 

I have added the conclusion from literature that summarized all guidelines. 


thank you!!

Using an in-line filter during parenteral solution administration is a widely used strategy to minimize harm from particulate and pathogen exposure, but evolving and conflicting recommendations for PN solutions have prevented a standard approach in practice. Recent recommendations from ASPEN and INS support using a 1.2 micron filter for all PN solutions (particularly those that contain lipids), and INS endorses using a 0.2 micron filter for solutions that do not contain lipids. Clinicians are urged to follow current best practices for sterile solution administration, including PN solutions.

Immediately as the 2021 INS

Immediately as the 2021 INS SOP was being mailed out, new recommendations came out about use of filters for PN. We did issue a statement about this published in the JIN but it does not get attached to the SOP. The correct recommnedations is to use a 1.2 micron filter for both PN and IFE. So no more need for the 0.22 micron filter for the PN and a 1.2 micron for the IFE. 

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Thank you very much .  I rely heavily on Standards and  this site as I am not an INS member .  

Bobbi Price MSN, RN

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