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Patty Janousek
PIVs placed in atypical locations

Can anyone tell me where to find in the INS Standards, information to support not placing PIVs in the chest/breast? We would like to do some education of our staff, and need the supporting information. Thanks so much.

 Look in site selection

 Look in site selection standard. I don't remember if anything related to this was included but if not there, that indicates no supporting research and should not be used. Lynn 

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Patty Janousek
Thanks Lynn.

Thanks Lynn.

Patty Janousek

aileen rogers
PIVs placed in atypical locations

 We call those "boobie" IVs, and NO in my opinion should not be placed.  Typically if there are surface veins visible in the chest area, that may indicate a central stenosis/occlusion and those visible vessels are collatoral veins, similar to varicosities.  I witnessed this when I worked in Radiology and saw venograms of these central stenosis/occlusions and contrast would fill those visible chest vessels. 

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