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PIVC & Mastectomy

I am aware of the standards regarding VAD insertion in pts. with mastectomies and lymph node dissection. However, I have been hearing there are new studies stating it is ok to place a VAD if a certain length of time has passed since the surgery. I did a search and can't seem to find anything that supports that. 
Also, if a short procedure is being done (colonoscopy) is it acceptable to place a PIVC in the hand for that short period of time?

There are no studies showing

There are no studies showing that after XX years there is no longer a risk of lymphedema caused by venipuncture. The risk will always be present. If axillary node dissection has been done on both arms or you cannot use the opposite arm for some other reason, it might be appropriate to use a small gauge PIVC in the arm with lymph node dissection, however this should be the last resort, done by the most skillful person with the mininum amount of trauma to the tissue and with the patient's full understanding of the risk. 

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Thank you!!

Thank you!!

Vascular Access in Patients with Breast Cancer


I think this article in Vascular Access--the Journal of Canadian Vascular Access Association addresses this unfortunate situation with the authors long term experience  in this exact area!

Sheryl McDiarmid RN BScN, MEd, MBA, AICN, ACNP, CVAAc, CRNI, and Gail Larocque NP-OHC, BHSc (Nursing), MN Time to rethink vascular access in patients with breast cancer. Volume 13, Ussue 2 Summer 2019

Patrice Wilken RN

Vascular Access Team


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