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Janine Pritchett
PIV success rates

I am interested in success rates for PIV starts, especially in the pediatric population.  I have been asked what level we should expect our IV team to be functioning at for first attempt success.  I haven't been able to find any literature about this.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I have a document I can share

I have a document I can share with data and a list of references. It was part of my handout for the presentation I gave at INS last May. I don't see a way to upload this chart though. I am probably overlooking the button. Maybe Sarah can help me with this.

Generally, the data is showing that the average # of sticks for adults and peds is 2.18 per site. For peds only, it is 2.35. So sad that generalist/primary care nurses have such poor efficiency. The data from multiple studies are not collected in a similar way so it is not possible to do a meta-analysis that I can see. Studies that look at the success rates for IV nurses are 95 to 98%, but again there is controversy. How do you define "success" - one attempt or two?


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Jenn M.
Lynn, Can you please send me


Can you please send me the document you are referring to?  When you state a success rate of 95 to 98%, are you referring to pediatric IV nurses or all IV nurses (regardless of patient age)? 

Thanks in advance,

-jenn marusich

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