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PIV site assessment

We are a 450 bed hospital.  Our peripheral IV team was recently downscaled from full service to one resource person only. As a result, we are reexamining our entire PIV processes.  It has long been our policy to assess and document PIV sites every two hours.  We are wondering if this is truly necessary on ID's that are not being accessed frequently.... what are other insitiutions doing, and what is best practice?  The INS standards are non specific on a time frame.  Thank you all for any input......

No standards or guidelines

No standards or guidelines document could be specific on this because there are so many variables including the type of catheter, type of infusate, age of patient, fluid volume states, reason for the infusion therapy, type of healthcare setting, etc. Frequency of site assessment for PN or chemo infusion on an adult should be more frequent than a saline locked PIV used for only intermittent meds. Peds should be assessed more frequently than adults. I have most frequently seen intermittent catheters assessed when they are used for infusion (q6, 8, 12 h). Fluid infusion on adults med-surg is commonly every 4 - 8 hours, PN and chemo q 2 h, blood q 15 minutes. For peds, at least q 1h for any type of continuous infusion. Lynn

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