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anna liang
PIV in lower extremities for paraplegic

I have seen a few times spina bifida & paraplegic kids with PIV in lower extremities. I questioned the risks of DVT!. but I was told 'the kids like it that way because they can not feel it'.
So I asked MD to specify a order 'no piv in LE' whenever I spotted one. (Was I over-reacting?) Is not it a nursing decision?
Angela Lee
We do place PIVs in the
We do place PIVs in the lower extremities of children with spina bifida.  I have never seen a case of DVT related to LE PIV placement.  The biggest risk is that without sensation the patient cannot complain about any discomfort so frequent assessment becomes critical to prevent severe site complications.  These children are known to be very difficult to stick and often are very anxious because (or in spite) of it.  Once  they clamp down they're even more difficult.  Using the LE reduces their anxiety considerably.
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