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As a PICC/Vascular Nurse, What is your job responsibility in your hospital?

As a newbie PICC/Vascular Nurse here in California. I am curious on how other PICC/Vascular access Nurse work in their hospital. My current job responsibility as a Vascular Access Nurse is mainly;

1. Carrying out MIDLINE/PICC line others but before that we have to screen the patient carefully if the patient is qualified or not. We have the authority to disqualify or recommend line insertions and it is being followed by the MD most of the time. 

2. Assisting with USG piv insertions if our Nurses are having trouble starting one. 

3. Troubleshoot VAD, limited to PICC LINEs, Central lines that is placed by the MDs, and midlines. We also assist in accessing ports. 

Am I missing something as a Vascular Access Nurse?

That's mainly what we do as

That's mainly what we do as well. We are adding IO insertion as we respond to codes and RRTs.  RNs placing central lines is not brand new.  Some nurses put it under the context of working to the highest of their scope. Some states allow their nurses to place central lines.  This interested me and wanted to see if it was allowed in PA

I think you are missing quite

I think you are missing quite a lot. The time it takes to insert any VAD is only a very tiny part of the life of that VAD. What happens to it while it is indwelling carries greater risk. Full service teams also do all dressing changes, all catheter clearance procedures, monitor and manage all VAD complications, access all ports. Some even insert all PIVCs. Then there is the roles of staff educator, involvement with product evaluations, quality improvement projects, and documentation of all VAD outcomes. There is much more that other teams do and will be included in the 2021 INS SOP when it is released in January. 

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