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Halle Utter
PICCs placed in MD office - separate codes for placement, u/s, and supplies? What about AIC's?

Does anyone have information about whether the supplies are billed separately from the procedure when placing a PICC in an MD office?  I have the codes for placement and ultrasound, but can't find the supply codes.  Can anyone help me with this?  Please email me privately, and I can send you a phone number also.  I have patients waiting several days to get lines placed at the hospital, and would love to provide a more cost effective service out of a local doctor's office.  

Also, does anyone know what the requirements are for lines placed in an Ambulatory Infusion Center?  Is it the same?  Does an MD have to be present?  Where can I find this information?


Thanks so much.


Halle Utter, RN, BSN

Intravenous Care, INC

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