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holly hess
PICC/CVL dressing kits

Is anyone aware of any evidence/guidelines showing that use of a PICC/CVL dressing kit is preferred over gathering supplies individually for dressing changes? Particularly with regard to infection rates. We have had custom kits for our neonatal and pediatric PICCs for 2 years but are facing a price increase and are being asked to justify the use of the kits if pulling supplies individually is more cost effective (which it is) even though it is less efficient time-wise. Thanks.

Holly Hess

RN, BSN, CRNI Jacksonville FL

Before you make the switch

Before you make the switch to the nurse gathering individual supplies let me just caution you that they will not always get everything they need and this results in a sub-optimal dressing. In my organization we did not use a dressing kit for PICCs or CVCs and we found the dressings in terrible conditions. Lines not sucured properly, no securement device, small transparent dressings, etc etc. We went to a dressing kit and did house wide teaching. We now have a mcuh higher percentage of dressing compliance.

Having said that if you have a dedicated small group changing the dressings, such as a PICC or IV team, then you will probably be alright going to individual supplies. However, if any nurse can change the dressing I would think twice about eliminating the kits. You can check other vendors or change some of the products to a lesser quality if you find something that is clinically acceptable. Many companies will make you a custon kit.

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