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Amy Graham
I have a surgeon who has started placing single lumen cental line instead of a PICC line for 4-6 weeks of IV antibiotics.  I feel this is unsafe and plan to discuss this with him.  Any suggestions on what research is out there on recommended length of use for central lines.    
Sorry but there is no

Sorry but there is no research that answers the question about the length of time that any central venous catheter should be allowed to remain indwelling. The CDC guidelines states that the optimum dwell time is unknown for all types. What you should focus on is the fact that the subclavian and jugular insertion sites have a higher number and type of skin flora than the upper arm. This adds to the risk of infection from these sites. Plus there are greater numbers and types of insertion complications with the subclavian and jugular sites as compared to the upper arm. You need to learn why this surgeon has made this decision, so you will have some idea of the direction to take with his/her education.  


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Terry Hall
Home care agencies and
Home care agencies and infusion companies generally will not take a pt. for home IV therapy with either one of these lines as the risk of air emboli is so much greater than a PICC line. Air entering the vascular system, should it occur at this point,  can result in death (due to PE). This is an unusual complication, but can occur, and has, I know of at least one documented case.
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