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Mary Jo Sarver2
PICC tip power flush

Can anyone tell me the name of the article and publication with pictures that showed power flushing and postioning to flip the PICC tip when malpositioned




Don't recall any specific

Don't recall any specific article. Patient is sitting up in bed, head elevated to 90 degrees if they can tolerate it. Flush with a large syringe - 20 mL at least. 

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aileen rogers
JVascAccess 2017;18(5):419

JVascAccess 2017;18(5):419-425 DOI:10.5301/jv.5000748


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Is there a way on this website to save certain information.?  i would like to save this algorithm.


Saline Flush Article

"Simultaneous Rapid Saline Flush to Correct Catheter Malposition: A Clinical Overview". Authored by Elizabeth Natividad and Todd Rowe. Journal of the Association for Vascular Access, 2015, Vol 20, No3, 159-166.

We keep this article nearby at all times because it works!

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