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PICC Tip of the Month Posters?

I'm looking at improving the education of the staff nurses working with PICC lines. Currently there is little education on this subject. Does anyone know were I can find PICC tip of the Month posters? Hopefully, viewing these posters on the nursing units by the nurses will result in increased compliance in the proper use of PICCs.


Tami Mendonca, RN, BSN

Olympic Medical Center PICC Team

I have been printing up a one

I have been printing up a one page "vascular access tips" since January of this year. I post it on every unit and pass them out in the conference rooms and ED. I post a new tip every month. My plan is to eventually recirculate tips.......when/if I run out of ideas for tips.
Darla tarvin

 Darla Tarvin RN VA-BC

Mercy Clermont Hospital

Peggy OKeefe
Darla:  I would love to have

Darla:  I would love to have your monthly tips also.   Thanks in advance

Vascular Access tips

 I sent my collection of Vascular access tips to Sarah to post on forum. Keep in mind they are specific to my hospital and may refer to our policies. They are designed like a newsletter and I would usually attach something with them. Like a picture, copy of a policy, a new form that needed completed, etc, something that related to the subject in the "tip o the month".

 Darla Tarvin RN VA-BC

Mercy Clermont Hospital

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