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sandy Collier
PICC Team Statistics

Is there any collected data available to show  PICC team success rates and time frames in which the team should be at its peak performance?


Sandy in Florida

i pesonally don't know of

i pesonally don't know of any and can't imagine that they would be very accurate or  helpful.  As an example, they say that to be proficient with site rite, you need to put in at least 50 lines.  Having put in literally several thousand PICCs, I was able to master site rite in about 10 tries.  Somebody learning from scratch, who hasn't ever put in a PICC, it's going to take a lot longer.What is the experience level of the nurses on the team? Are they all learning from scratch?  Do they have an experienced instructor?  also the attitude of the team can make a difference.  If in your mind you know interventional radiology is there as a back-up, you tend to give up easier and send along the hard ones.  We don't send anyone to interventional, our successrate is about 99%.  There are many factors in what makes a team successful.


Karen Day
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same here, it has a lot to

same here, it has a lot to do with the nurses knowledge and confidence in themselves.  We don't send anyone to Radiology unless the picc coils and needs some adjustment under fluoroscopy, even then we do all the groundwork as far as accessing the vein up to where the catheter has trouble being advanced.  Our success rate is also around 97 - 98%.  The 2 - 3% are those that just aren't candidates whether due to stenosis, thrombosis or a medical reason such as bilateral mastectomies or prior unsuccessful attempts at picc line placement.  I have placed thousands of lines and am still learning new things all of the time.  I feel it's just part of my quest in nursing, to keep on learning to make yourself better.  This forum is a great resource for everyone and any article you can get your hands on regarding central lines is a great reference.


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