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Patty Janousek
Would someone be willing to share what they include for teaching for patient's with PICCs? I have been asked to develop a PICC teaching sheet for patients, and aside from the book that comes in the insertion tray, I'm wondering what else to include. We do teach about applying heat to prevent mechanical phlebitis and/or thrombosis, and also to cover the dressing when showering, but are there any other restrictions? Thanks.
Patient activities with that
Patient activities with that arm should be restricted to normal activities of daily living. They should not be doing any frequent repetitive work or lifting with that arm as this  could increase the complications. How about all the tasks to care for the catheter such as dressing and flushing. Dressings should be done by a home care nurse but they may expect a family caregiver to do it. Also, how to flush, what to look for and observe when flushing, aspiration of a blood return, etc. What to do if the catheter becomes dislodged or broken for any reason. And what to do if they spike a temp. I am sure I have forgotten something but that is all that comes to mind now. Lynn

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Glenda Dennis
I just found what seems to
I just found what seems to be a very useful product that will enable a patient with a long term picc to shower and keep the picc dressing dry.  It is a neoprene sleeve with a hand pump to expel the air, is trimable to the right length, and comes in small, med, and large.  It is reusable indefinitely.  Can be easily wiped off to clean it.  The company is online at  A local medical supply company is stocking it for easy access for our patients.  The patients I have refered to them have really liked it.  It is under $50. I believe.
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