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Kristin Walker
Picc RN needed ASAP in Maui!!

Experienced Picc Nurse needed asap at Maui Memorial Medical Center!  Think of YOU on a gorgeous beach!  And no, it's not a vacation--you can LIVE here!!  Email me for details.  [email protected]

It sure does sound tempting.

It sure does sound tempting. What a life that could be. Has there been any takers? Bayarea vs. Maui, hard choice.

Kristin Walker
I've gotten a couple of

I've gotten a couple of inquiries but no one that has really followed through to my knowledge.  My email is listed above if you want to talk more.  You can also go to our hospital's web sit to check us out.  The address is then choose "employment" then maui and select RN 3 at MMMC for salary & general info.  The specific job description isn't listed there but the salary is the same.  Hope to hear from you! 



Kristin Walker RN, BSN, OCN Maui Memorial Medical Center IV dept.

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