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mary ann ferrannini
PICC Repair

 What is the current recommendation for PICC repair considering the PICC is a repairable PICC. I say it should be done on a case by case evaluation of all the factors and then make a decision based upon the assessment. For example, if a tail of a dual lumen groshong is broken and was covered in sterile gauze and pt only had a few days left of prescribed therapy and all else OK (WBC ct OK, Tip in Good position still, etc. ) I would repair it. What is every one else doing out there????? thanks in advance 

Wendy Erickson RN
I would exchange it, not
I would exchange it, not repair it.  Are there even repair kits available anymore?  Have not see one in years.

Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

Glenda Dennis
If it is a Bard, dual lumen
If it is a Bard, dual lumen groshong PICC, they aren't repairable according to the rep. in my area.
Dianne Sim RN VA-BC
If the body  of any

If the body  of any dual/triple lumen PICC is damaged it can't be repaired. However, if you have a Groshong PICC, and the damage is on the hub extension tubing on the proximal end, it can be repaired if you are able to slide the oversleeve into position. There are repair kits available from Bard. The single lumen Groshong PICC can be repaired also. I understand that the Groshong repair kit is the only one considered to be a permanent repair, and that all other kits are considered temporary, and the PICC has to be replaced ASAP.

Often when a PICC is damaged, the catheter has been partially pulled out and it is essential that you confirm central tip placement with a CXR. If you have a Groshong PICC the measurements start at the distal end of the PICC and you are able to accurately confirm internal length of the PICC. If the measurement is the same as the initial insertion length for distal SVC, a repair can be done if the integrity/sterility of the catheter has not been compromised.

As always, if the PICC can't be repaired, or sterility of the line is compromised, it is always preferrable to insert a fresh PICC rather than exchange of the damaged catheter.

Dianne Sim RN, VA-BC, CEO; IV Assist, Inc.

mary ann ferrannini
Well I can tell you that
Well I can tell you that Bard still sells the kits at least according to their site so if you can not repair it then why are they selling them? We rarely repair now since the new reverse taper design of the Bard catheters and other improvements
Why would you want to use a

Why would you want to use a catheter that you need to repair?  I do not feel comfortable making a repair as sterility is an issue, no way to tell how contaminated the PICC is at the break, unless you witness it.  I prefer to use a catheter made of polyurethane, much more durable and from a company that has a history of quality, so a break would be a rare thing. 

If there is a break, or pinhole (more common), I would do an exchange.

Dianne Sim RN VA-BC
Who are you IVRN?

Who are you IVRN?

Dianne Sim RN, VA-BC, CEO; IV Assist, Inc.

As far as i'm aware, the
As far as i'm aware, the single lumen groshong is the only repairable picc. If they are still made the same way as when I used them. The single lumen is trimmable and you assemble the hub. That assembly is the repair kit. it usually is seen as a leaking hub, and seemed to come from nurses flushing them too hard. The double lumen groshongs were not trimmable, so they was alway cath hanging out. uck!. We know use Vaxcel for most HIT pt but we don't have them in 3 lumen and we cannot transduce cvp's so our icu's don't want them. just my 2 cents. peter fintonis rn crni, salem hosp.  ma
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