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PICC-related arrhythmias

So far I have had 2 recent cases that developed an arrhythmia post PICC insertion. 

Case 1 developed a fib.  PICC had to be retracted several cm before arrhythmia resolved.  This PICC was inserted the conventional method of measure and post insertion cxr. 

Case 2 developed clusters of vtach.  This PICC was inserted using 3cg with perfect tracing on insertion.  V tach resolved retracting PICC 2 cm.

I plan on doing my own lit search.  But have 2 cases within six months now makes me wonder if there were any predicitive factors that were missed.  Both patients were under 45 and otherwise healthy.

I am not aware of any way to

I am not aware of any way to predict this. But a PICC is very likely to move inward with arm movement. So being at CAJ on insertion can easily mean that the tip resides inside the RA after the arm is moved. 

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