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Janis Strickland
PICC products

Waht do you feel is the best PICC on the market.  Our hospital is in the process of re-evaluating the PICC we use.  Thank you in advance for your response. 

Just like everything else

Just like everything else related to IV therapy, there will be a lot of different answers to this question.

We had great success with BARD groshong.  We then moved to their Power PICCs.  They do have a tapered end which can be disputed to increase thrombus formation, although we have not seen this.

We are going to trial their SOLO.  It is CT compatible, power injectable, and valved so saline only.  You must use a positive pressure cap or truly neutral one to avoid occlusions.

We'll know more once we start using it.

We currenly use the

We currenly use the PowerPicc Solo exclusively. We have had no problems. We have not experienced a high number of thrombi. We have no complaints about this product.

Caleb Kent, RN, BSN, CRNI

betty suarez
we are using Bard Power Solo

we are using Bard Power Solo and Bard Groshong PICC's , we mostly end up using the Powe PICC's as they are easier to see on the chest Xray's and many of the patients we place PICC's in are needing follow up scans.

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