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Lisa B
picc procedure cart

We are thinking of purchasing several procedure carts for our PICC team. Anyone have a recommendation?

"One word...plastics." The

"One word...plastics."

The metal cart I have to lug around weighs 72lbs,empty,and has 4 wheels that like to go in 4 different directions.


rivka livni
I love my cart by Armstrong
I love my cart by Armstrong Medical A-Smart Crat system. The catalog is full of different carts styles and all kind of accessories. I have on my cart extra bins an IV pole and extra folding tray. It is metal on 4 wheels but unlike the note by David Longseth I have no problems with it, I do not push it around but rather pull it behind me. It is a great cart that holds everything, I can do 5-6 PICC without reloading the cart.
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