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PICC placement in the pt. with Swan-Ganz cath

Do you place PICC lines in patients who have indwelling Swan-Ganz caths???

Lawrence Rojas
PICCs & Swans

Just my thought but I don't see any reason why you couldn't have both. most Swans are inserted via the jugulars so what difference would it make if you put a PICC in a basilic or cephalic? I suppose there might be some argument that the two catheters would "intertwine" but I'm thinking that would be minimal, if at all. there is also the possiblility that the Swan might "hide" the PICC on the CXR.

Lawrence Rojas RN

Garden Park Medical Center

Lawrence Rojas RN

Radiology Dept.

Garden Park Medical Center

Gulfport, MS

The presence of 2 VADs of any

The presence of 2 VADs of any kind within the same vessels is always an issue for increased vein thrombosis and the intertwining of those catheters. I would worry more about vein thrombosis as the blood flow would be restricted due to the vessel lumen being reduced from the catheters. My opinion is that this should be thoroughly evaluated for a risk-benefit assessment on a case-by-case basis. Lynn

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mary ann ferrannini
  Yes we do it....sometimes

  Yes we do it....sometimes we go to the other side..more often than not they want the PICC so they can take the Swan out so I know that in a hour or so it will be out..if we do run into threading problems we even at times have had to D/C it so we could then thread the PICC...can you malposition one line while pulling out another...YES you can so I often have them pull the Swan before we get the PICC CXR so I do not then have to order another after it is pulled

piccs and swans

thank you for the input.

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