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PICC lines and crutch use
When placing a PICC in a patient that is using crutches, is there a preferred French size to use?  Is one size safer than another?
I don't think the size
I don't think the size itself is what matters most---follow the "smallest size line in the biggest size vein to meet the needs" and you'll be OK. I recall reading somewhere that the basilic shouldn't be used with crutch-walking patients,but I would disagree. As long as PT has properly instructed the patient how to use the crutches the basilic should be fine.  I have found that when a pt uses crutches very soon after placement the site is more prone to bleeding or oozing from the stress placed on the arm muscles. 
Just make sure the patient
Just make sure the patient knows to not ever put pressure on the axilla area as this will compress the basilic vein and increase the risk of vein thrombosis. I have seen this happen with a PICC and crutch walking, so badly that we had to change the patient to a walker for a while instead of crutches. Lynn

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Best PICC for crutches is a

Best PICC for crutches is a Cephalic placement. The Cephalic vein empties into the Subclavia unlike the Brachial and Basilic that empties into the Axila vein, where the crutches will press on the vein and can cause pretty bad throbus.

In my hospital we use walkers if Basilic or Brachial are used.

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