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PICC line/Mastectomy/blood pressure
We have a patient that has a PICC line on one side and a mastectomy with ? lymph node removal on the other side.  The mastectomy was 11 years ago.  She doesn't want us taking the B/P on the mastectomy side.  At this point which would be better, taking the blood pressure on the PICC side or the Mastectomy side?  Thanks in advance for any help.
Kristin Walker
I always recommend that the
I always recommend that the nursing staff take BP's below the Picc if the opposite extremity is off limits.  Or the legs are always an option.

Kristin Walker RN, BSN, OCN Maui Memorial Medical Center IV dept.

This patient should have BP
This patient should have BP taken at the wrist of the arm with the PICC or in the leg, but never over the PICC in the upper arm. Lynn

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