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PICC line in chest

I have come across a few pts where a PICC line was placed in the subclavian vein via the anterior chest wall with the tip in the SVC. Ran into this a few times and would like to know: 1) What would you call this type of line specifically, and 2) what guidelines do you think this falls under. Central line, yes, but is it technically a picc? I have googled the you-know-what out of it to no avail! All 3 pts came from a specific major hospital in the area. Anybody know of any literature on this? I was asked to replace these lines (for various reasons) and deferred; advising facility to send pts back to where line was placed. Now I am curious as as to exactly what classification this type of line  falls under (aside from a central line). Thanx in advance!! Jim Kuhel R.N.

Craig Farris RN CRNI
Jim,   I saw this done



I saw this done several times a couple of years ago by an IR department.  This was changed to the power hohn once it became available.  It is not placed via a peripherial vein. It does not have a cuff. Therefore  I would class it as a NON tunnelled sub-clavian approach cvc.  And there for call it a short term acute care cvc line not a PICC.  

Good Luck

Craig Farris CRNI

Craig Farris RN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse liaison

anna liang
I agree that I would call it

I agree that I would call it a non-tunelled SC CVC since it is not accessed through a periphearl vein.

I have seen a patient admitted with a dual lume Powered PICC tunellled betwwn IJ through the chest & some 3 Fr PICCs inserted into femoral vein (non-tunelled femoral CVC. I believe the reseason was to decrease the risk of thrombosis -- instead of using the 4 Fr Arrow)

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