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PICC insertions as a private consultant
I have been inserting vascular access devices (PICCS, midlines) for the past 3 years in an acute care setting.  One of our local hospitals no longer have an interventional radiology suite for PICC insertions, but patients and staff still have a need for the service.  is anyone out there working privately inserting lines in institutions?  i was interested in setting up a service to insert lines in this institution as they ahve all the equiptment, machinery, etc. but have no idea how to go about it.  can anyone offer any help?  i'm not even sure how to begin, but can always find answers and suggestiong here.  what are you charging for insertions?  what are the liability issues, contract issues, etc?  thanks in advance for any help.  mtt
T Hufcut
I can help!  you may

I can help!  you may contact me [email protected]


Tammy Hufcut, RN

PICC Nurse

St. Lukes/Cornwall Hospital

Newburgh, NY

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