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Susan Rainey
PICC Insertion Skin Cleansing Prep

After reviewing this topic's forum discussion from 2006, I was wondering if there is any current literature that supports a specific standard for cleansing the entire arm vs. an area of the arm when preparing for PICC insertion?  Our group of Rad nurses (who also insert PICC lines) has maintained a 0% infection rate since 2004, using both methods of cleansing the arm, so it's not a matter of determining which method is best, but rather a desire to follow standard procedure consistently.  Thanks very much.


Published national standards

Published national standards have not identified a specific size for the prepped area. However, I have always taught to prep from bedline to bedline, above and below the insertion site by at least 4 to 6 inches. Lynn 

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Susan Rainey
Susan Rainey, Olympic

Susan Rainey, Olympic Medical Center

Thanks very much, Lynn.


Susan Rainey RN, Olympic Medical Center

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