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Jeannette Andrews
PICC Insertion in Arm with burns/skin grafting

SCENARIO--A PICC has been ordered for a patient.  Patient is assessed and found with bilateral upper arm burn scars/skin grafting, which also extends well to the axillae.  Patient also with limited range of motion and mobility BUE due to scarring/grafting.  For the heck of it, also assessed very limited areas of bilateral upper arms NOT affected by burns and grafting with ultrasound and veins found were inadequate in size for 4 French PICC.  Veins were then assessed more proximal into the burned/grafted area and were found to be very large, but I would have to place PICC into the scarred/grafted area.   Discussed with ordering service, I recommended a Power Line (tunneld/cuffed catheter) as patient needs 6 week course of IV antibiotics. 

QUESTION--Would it have been appropriate to go ahead and place the PICC into the scarred/grafted area???  I do not believe so and did not place a PICC.  Just wondering what everyone else may have done!!!  Thanks. 

I would have made the same

I would have made the same assessment and nursing judgment as you did. I would not want to insert through the scarred/grafted area and think a tunneled cuffed VAD is the most appropriate for this patient. Lynn

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Jeannette Andrews
As always, thanks for your

As always, thanks for your input Lynn :)


Jeannette Andrews, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

jill nolte
Out of curiosity, is this an

Out of curiosity, is this an acute burn or one that has healed?  was it a donor site or a burn injury site?  just wondering 

Jeannette Andrews
Hi Jill-it was healed, not

Hi Jill-it was healed, not acute with some grafting and some scarring.

Jeannette Andrews, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

jill nolte
good question

Thanks.  Your question got my thinker in gear, how much function does that skin have?  can it repair?  that kind of thing.  Definitely I wouldn't place a PICC in scar tissue but if options are limited and on burn patients they sure can be, is virgin skin a requirement for placement?  and talking skin, what about tatoos?  Do you stick through tatoos?  Some of these people are coming in with so many now.  I saw a woman with a PICC placed through her psoriasis and very deleterious result.  Maybe we need to talk more about skin.  I appreciate your question so thanks!

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