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picc insertion

Would like information on the possibility of placing a PICC left arm brachial vein and a pneumo occurring.  caveat: pneumo was "posterior".

HIghly UNlikely! to cause a

HIghly UNlikely! to cause a pneumothorax, the inserters technique would need to be rough and forceful against resistance. The guidewire and catheter would have to be forced out of vein and into the pleural space. This is nearly impossible because the guidewire has a floppy tip and the stylet wire is recessed away from the catheter tip so it is soft and flexible.I have never seen this documented in the published literature with PICC insertion. Never seen it happen either. 

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thanks!  inserted a PICC. 

thanks!  inserted a PICC.  Procedure was smooth easy no bumps in the road.  chest xray showed a small posterior pneumo.  MD felt it was not my insertion.   After MD discussion i picked up my heart from under my feet and moved on.........

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