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PICC inserter tendonitis

Has anyone experienced tendonitis related to PICC insertion???  I am thinking is is steming from the rolling of portable machine more than procedure.  I hold probe with Lt hand and push machine with Lt hand....

Thanks for any insite!

Ann Williams RN CRNI
I haven't experienced this,
I haven't experienced this, but have heard that some have gotten a soreness from shaking down the gel all day long.  They reduced that risk by having the bottle of gel upside down on the cart, therefore eliminating need to shake down.  Just a thought.  Good luck!
Paula Happel
Yes ...I have had L shoulder

Yes ...I have had L shoulder rotator cuff impingement. It first hit me when I had trouble pushing an awkward cart. I was off work 2 weeks, tried P.T. & NSAID's w/o much luck. MRI showed impingement, no tear. Then I had an injection by an Occ Med MD which lasted 3 months. I then got an orthopod, who did another one that lasted 5 months. I am now at 5 months again & just started to feel something adverse again. I hold the usnd with L hand & the way I curl my hand & arm the PT tells me it is an impinging position. Last week I had a particularly diffcult PICC where I had to reposition the arm & I really felt it stressing my shoulder. I have been doing exercises to strengthen the shoulder, but it doesn't seem to be a cure. I am wondering if I'll have to quit doing PICC's. Makes me angry- but when you are doing them over a 12 hr shift & doing many- it is pretty repetitive. I have a MSN in Occupational Health Nursing- would make a good study to publish if it seems there are more of us out there!!


Paula Happel, RN, MSN

Mercy Medical, Cedar Rapids, IA

Several years ago, I had a

Several years ago, I had a rotator cuff problem from so much lifting of my heavy computer case into the overhead of airplanes. Seems like there are numerous things that can cause this. Fortunately physical therapy was enough to manage my problem. Seems like there are numerous occupational health issues that would warrant good studies. This should also garner the attention of the device manufacturers. This would be a human factors design issue. 


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, NPD-BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

Thanks everyone for your
Thanks everyone for your responses.  I hope this thread doesn't continue to grow with stories of pain...but we need to identify as a professional issue!  If your hurting...let us know.
Karen Day
Karen Day's picture
absolutely, had carpal

absolutely, had carpal tunnel surgery over a year ago in my dominant hand; will eventually need in my non-dominant hand.  also have had "tennis elbow" and required injections of steroids to reduce the pain.  Having a slight flare up right now, but is manageable - probably will have to go back for more eventually.


In the past 10 years of

In the past 10 years of inserting PICCs, I've had bilateral Carpal tunnel surgeries, 3 needle-sticks, back-aches from pushing our heavy PICC Cart and the Site Rite stand, neck & shoulder strains, and about 2 months ago~ Tendonitis in my right forearm & swelling in my right hand! I also blame today's technology (ie: computer mouse use, iphone, ipod & texting) besides our pushing-pulling & PICC-ing for my aches & pains! 

Fortunately, our employer provides for us a "Massage Therapist" who has saved me from missing a-lot of work!  Massage, proper muscle stretching everyday upon rising, and some NSAIDs have kept me going.

I've also reported the "heavy/awkward cart" issue to my bosses & just recently got a beautiful new Teal-colored, skinny & taller cart. Now, I can't overload it!

I also keep the US gel bottles upside down & helps.  

Raquel M. Hoag, BSN, RN, PHN, VA-BC

Robbin George
Raquel--What is the name of

Raquel--What is the name of the company who manufactured your new cart?

Plus any other style information would be appreciated--Thank you 

Robbin George RN VA-BC

Alma Kooistra
Oh yes........cart

Oh yes........cart information please!!! 

I'm shopping and can't seem to find anything that would work!


Alma Koositra CRNI

I have been looking at

I have been looking at catalogs for cart:

Armstrong Medical and Herman Miller for Healthcare have some nice designs.  I have not purchased just shopping!  Any healthy information about cart is helpful.

 I am attaching a couple of

 I am attaching a couple of pictures of our cart which our PT director and BIOMED dept designed after I started having intense shoulder pain that kept me from sleeping for a couple of weeks.  I kept thinking it would go away, but motrin was not helping and I was pulling a wire basket cart and pushing the Site Rite 6 on the rolling stand.

The "train" is quite long and sometimes difficult to park, but I push it down the hall easily and no more shoulder pain!!!!  Plus the cart is HUGE, and holds all my supplies easily.

I believe they used larger castors on the bottom of the cart than what it came with to make the heights compatible, and then used metal bars and a clamp to attach the two carts together.

Leann Kennedy
Thanks for posting the
Thanks for posting the topic.  I was just diagnosed with "cubital tunnel syndrome".  Basically, it's carpal tunnel of the elbow.  I'll most likely be having surgery, but not until I have a second opinion.  Symptoms are...Ring finger and pinky numbness, weakness of grip (pulling charts down?), elbow pain.  It's worse when your elbow is bent.  I'll keep you posted.  Take care of your bodies.
If you are willing to
If you are willing to share......Has anyone filed a workmen's comp claim and received benifits related to their injury???  Yes or no is all that is needed.
Paula Happel
Yes, I did with my

Yes, I did with my original  shoulder injury. Last fall when I had more problems, I couldn't be sure it was from work or from picking apples too much, so I went back for another injection on my own.


Paula Happel, RN, MSN

Mercy Medical, Cedar Rapids, IA

Paula Happel, RN, MSN

Mercy Medical, Cedar Rapids, IA

Chris Naylor
I have CMC joint arthritis

I have CMC joint arthritis from holding the probe. It is quite painful if I have a difficult insertion to do. It is the joint below the thumb. I have had it injected a couple of times.


Yes, I've received WCB for

Yes, I've received WCB for my wrist, but only after appealling and it going to the final arbitrator.  I've been diagnosed as carpal tunnel and tendonitis at different times.

I've also had WCB, without appealing, for my shoulder tendonitis. However, I had just put a bunch of supplies away and they accepted it as a sudden injury, not an over time issue in that case.

I just had surgery last week
I just had surgery last week on my shoulder related to this.....PLEASE.... everyone protect yourself when you are pushing the ultrasound  machines to bedside or toting supplies.
Leann Kennedy
I, too, am recovering from
I, too, am recovering from the surgery for the cubital tunnel syndrome I posted on this topic several weeks ago.  I am now on disability for 2 months while I recover.  The intersting fact was my EMG and nerve conduction studies which were positive years ago, were negative just two weeks prior to surgery.  After two opinions, I went ahead with the surgery as the symptoms suggested nothing but CuTS.  Despite the neg EMG, the doctor found moderate nerve entrapment and moderate ulnar nerve inflammation.  Had I waited, the dammage would have been more severe.  Just another friendly reminder to listen to your bodies.  I am so pleased my surgery was successful.  Take care. 
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