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PICC Competency
Just wondering if anyone's hospitals have a percentage the PICC nurses have to have for "successful" PICC placements. If so, is successful defined by venous access or actual placement?
Lisa Y., Team Leader IV Team

Lisa Y., Team Leader IV Team UPMC St. Margaret Pittsburgh


We keep stats and these include successful insertions.  We define successful as actual placement.  I don't know if you wanted more info??

Lisa Y., RN, BSN University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Horizon IV Therapy

thanks for your reply!

thanks for your reply!

my hosp has to have 3

my hosp has to have 3 successful placements to be signed of profecient and able to function alone.  regardless how many times the trainee trys/sticks.  have to have 3 min placements.  and if i am signing the nurse off and am still not comfortable about it, the trainee will have mort sticks/placements.


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