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Picc charges

My understanding is that nurses can not charge for inpatient Picc  placements. Several nurses at different facilities in my area state that they do charge for Picc placements. Where can I find the correct information regarding this? I checked CMS but didn't really find anything nurse related . TIA!

The professionals that can

The professionals that can send a bill for services directly to Medicare or private insurance, etc are MD, NP, PA, DO, Dentist. This group is known as providers. An RN is NOT included in this group. Inpatient charges are based on DRGs - diagnosis related groups. A flat fee based on medical diagnoses. So "charges" for procedures do not generate more money coming into your facility. Charges you generate after the procedure are used to allocate a certain percentage of the DRG revenue to the budget for your team. Outpatients are billed by procedure by the facility but not the individual RN. So for inpatients, use cost containment data to support your team's productivity. For outpatients, team can generate more revenue for facility. 

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