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mary ferris
picc with blood clots.
Does any have a policy concerning blood clots with picc lines. Is the picc line be dicontinued or leaving picc line in place and treating with hepain, lovenox ,coumadine?
There are no published

There are no published guidelines or recommendations for management of any catheter-related DVT. Management is based on physician preference and patient factors. I have never seen a hospital with a specific policy but hope someone will reply with one.  


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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This question just came up

This question just came up in our hospital,also. We actually have an Anti-Thrombotic Service and depending upon the Attending dujour everyone has a different theory. I think the most popular is if the patient is asymptomatic leave the catheter alone. I did a quick literature search and all I can find is to treat as you would a lower extremity DVT and remove the catheter. Any other theories or data would be appreciated.

Thanks, Karen

Karen McKeon Williford RN, CRNI

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