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Peer Review for PICC line insertions
Does anyone out there have a Peer Review form/process that they would be willing to share on PICC insertions?  I am looking at implementing a program in our Outpatient Hospital Setting and wanted to get some ideas for others out there.  Thank you in advance.
Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN
Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN

Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN

Expound on what you mean by

Expound on what you mean by peer review process?

Is that an assessment decision making process on type of line?

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Kathy,  I am looking to set


 I am looking to set up a semi-or quarterly annual peer review process where peers will evaluate each other on their technique and process for inserting PICC lines. 

 I feel it will be an integrative way to have all staff involved in holding each other accountable to best practices.  I do know that there are several peer review processes out there for other procedures etc....I was just wondering if anyone had one set up for PICC lines? 

Thanks for the reply

Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN

Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN

Gwen Irwin
Before the volume of PICCs

Before the volume of PICCs increased, our PICC nurses were required to have an annual observation of their performance.  Based on the volume of PICCs inserted annually and more CRNI certifications, complication trends of these very proficient nurses would initiate more frequent observation of their skills.  Without complications occurring, we are moving from the annual observation to renewal with the CRNI renewal.  Of course, this might change if there were trends that indicated less than excellent practice.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas


According the Joint
According the Joint Commission, they require a competency assessment process. This should be an initial assessment plus an ongoing process. The ongoing process should be linked to patient outcomes. It is a total waste of time to have a nurse who routinely places PICCs to perform an insertion on an anatomical model just to have someone observe the procedure. You will use valuable time more wisely if you organize your competency assessment processes around  patient outcomes. If you have a problem with infection, then conduct periodic observations of insertion procedures focusing on all infection control aspects. But remember that catheter-related infection is not limited to the insertion as the cause. So you focus on the problem and work backwards to assess all competencies to improve practice. I am not sure what a peer review process would bring to the situation. After all, if all nurses are using the same poor technique for one aspect of insertion procedure, this peer review process becomes perpetuated and would never got changed. Just a few thoughts. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, NPD-BC, CRNI

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ann johnson
Can somone help me find a

Can somone help me find a national benchmark for PICC insertion successes? I can find benchmarks for ICU settings, but I want a hospital-wide analysis of success percentages that are allowable standards.


Ann Johnson,BS, RN,

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