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Peds flushing CVADs with heparin

We are having a great debate about the concentration and amount of Heparin for flushing our peds population in the home (our inpt facility is heparin free).   Our current policy breaks it down in age wt increments - less then 10 kg and or less then 1 yr, 1 yr to 6 yr (>10 kg), 6 - 12 yr, and over 12 yr.

I am wondering what others who still use Heparin are doing and if anyone would be willing to share policies


Ann Marie

Angela Lee
We use 2 ml of 10u heparin

We use 2 ml of 10u heparin for all of our central devices with the exception of ports (volume is increased to 3 ml, heparin concentration stays the same until discharge when concentration is 100 u/ml for monthly reaccessing).  The same procedure is used at home.

There is less confusion when there is standardization of volume and concentration.

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