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Pediatric pre Hospital IV starts

Does anyone know if there is a policy about pre hospital IV starts in the pediatric population?  We have followed the adult recommendations for years.  However now I'm getting push back because we do not have an offical policy.  

Thank you for your input,  Jama Jaderquist 

The statement from CDC and

The statement from CDC and INS have never differientated by ages. So I would intrepret that to mean the same risk apply regardless of age. Any catheter inserted during under emergent conditions should be changed within 24-48 hours. Please notice this doe NOT state where the catheter was inserted - eg, pre-hospital, ER, nurisng unit. Anywhere the patient has the catheter inserted under emergent conditions is when this applies. So a cardiac arrest in your nursing unit carries the same recommendation. 


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Thank you Lynn

Thank you Lynn

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