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Jean Malwitz
pediatric PICCs
With young pediatric PICC insertions are you using a 2FR?   What about conscious sedation?
Angela Lee
Our PICC size is determined
Our PICC size is determined by vein size but we do predominantly use 2 FR in toddlers and also 1.9 FR in our neonatal population.  We do not sedate infants.  Toddlers and older patients who require sedation are given Propofol by our sedation service--our intensivist administers the propofol, the sedation nurse monitors the patient and we do the procedure.  Works out very nicely.
Gwen Irwin
It is dependent on the vein

It is dependent on the vein accessment, the site used, and the age of the patient.  We have used a 2.6 dual for neonates not in NICU.  We do use 2 fr catherers for infants.

Toddlers we often use 3 fr without difficulty.  Again, it dependent on the assessment of the vein.

With the initial evaluation of vein size and accessibility of the vein, we also evaulaute the need for sedation.  Most often, the toddlers are the most dificult to insert PICCs without sedation.

 Gwen Irwin

Austin,  Texas

anna liang
would like to know what kind
would like to know what kind of infusion pump you use for 3Fr dual lumen L-cath. one patient got adm with such catheter. parents claimed the home infusion pump not able to infuse the vanco every 6 hours. when I used our pump, occlusion occurred if the rate was above 20 cc/hr.
Gwen Irwin
We use the Hospira Plum pump

We use the Hospira Plum pump and Med-Fusion 3500 syringe pumps.

Gwen Irwin

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