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Pediatric PICC insertions

Had an interesting call from a surgeon today asking about our pediatric PICc policies.  Our policy is basically no pedi PICCs because we are a small community hospital, our pedi population is mininmal, I have no experience with peds, and even if we did consent to getting the training and doing them, how good would we be if we're only doing a handful a year??  So the surgeon says, well, what's your cut-off?  do you base it on age or weight or what??   And I had no answer for him because I've never been asked the question before.  Soo. . . I'm throwing this out to my favorite panel of experts!!! Here's my questions:


Are there cutoffs and what are they based on?

I know peds get sedation, who does the monitoring post insertion and for how long?

Is there an age cut off for who needs sedation?

Are there liability issues if you get trained and then you're only doing a handful a year?