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Pediatric PICC caths

To all the pediatric PICC RNs out there . . .

What brand PICCs do you use?  Do you have dual lumen available in 2 or 3 FR?  Any of them CT compatible? 

I've been browsing company sites in my spare moments today, and wondered what other folks out there are using.

Angela Lee
I use a variety of PICCs and

I use a variety of PICCs and am still looking at what's out there from time to time.  There is a double lumen 3 fr polyurethane PICC available from BD.  At this time I have no experience with it although I intend to trial some.  It looks like from their brochure there is also a 3.5 Fr DL available.

There are, I believe, several 4 Fr on the market that are power injectable.  The only 3 Fr that is power injectable is from Angiodynamics, if I'm not mistaken.

There is a DL 1.9 Fr available from Kendall as well as the single lumen.  I'm not aware of any 2 Fr DL.  I don't think any of these smaller PICCs will ever be power injectable (or at least not for a long time).

holly hess
We use Bard 3 FR silicone, 3

We use Bard 3 FR silicone, 3 FR poly, 4 FR poly and  Power PICC and 4 and 5 dual lumens; we use B-D 1.9 silicone for neonates

We have tried Kendall and Vygon's dual lumen 1.9 (liked the Vygon better) and B-D's 2.6 dual lumen(limited usage but liked it OK)

Holly Hess RN, BSN, CRNI

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