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Pediatric maximum sterile barrier

We are looking at the maximum sterile barrier drapes from head to toe on our pediatric patients.  I have used a large drape that is a disposable one and tented it to one side and had the childlife specialist hold it up while distracting a cooperative 9 year old child. This worked well for her.  We have the large Medline drape with the tent for the adults and older children. I am concerned that some of our younger patients will become even more anxious.

We can no longer just put a mask on all our patients including children at our facility in order to be compliant with the INS standards and CDC guidelines of maximum sterile barrier which is described as "head to toe".  Does anyone currently cover the faces of pediatric patients with a drape?  If so, do you use a specific drape? Is it the same one used for adults? Do you tent them? If so how? if you have any pictures that works too.
Thanks for any info.