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Pediatric flow control devices

As an ER nurse, for IV bolus and infusions for my peds patients, I have always used an IV pump and a secondary flow control device, such as a Buretrol.  In practice we would also hang a 250cc or 500cc bag to prevent the risk of fluid overload.  I have seen IV pumps fail, even when programmed right and the whole liter of fluid is infused (not on a peds patient). 

I am wondering what is the current standard of practice for our pediatric population.  Are pediatric units using a smaller volume IV bags, 250cc or 500cc?  Are flow control devices being used?   Are we relying on IV pumps soley, hoping they do not malfunction.

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There is no standard of

There is no standard of practice about these metered chambers established in either the INS SOPs of Special Populations or Flow Control Devices. Please see those SOPs for the full information. No mention in the SOP means there is no evidence upon which to write a standard. Metered chambers was omitted from a recent textbook where I was the clinical editor. The author of the peds chapter no longer uses them at her hospital. 

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