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Passport w/thrombosis

When there is no other viable option, is it alright for a physician to order nursing to use an otherwise good passport when it has a thrombosis in the effected arm?

Passport draws blood.  There is currently no s/s of problems w/port, ie no pain or swelling.  The port is in the svc.  The thrombosis is stable but extensive including the brachial, basilic, axillary, and subclavian vein.

anna liang
there is the possibility of
there is the possibility of pulmonary embolism if infusing through the port leads to dislodgement of the clots -- in theory, can happen if the clots are at the tip the end of the port.
As you mentioned, those are 'silent clots'. Was it diagnosed by ultrasound or CT?
if chest CT was done, any PE showed up?
what does 'stable thrombosis' mean?

I called it a "Stable

I called it a "Stable thrombosis" because two separate US about three weeks apart refer to the the thrombosis as unchanged.  The oncologist in question does not want to remove it and since it is there and working wants office staff to use it for chemo. 

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