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PAPR with PICC placement

I wonder if any of you wear PAPR's on Covid+ or suspect pts for PICC placements. My coordinater said we cant use them because our own air would be expelled in the room and not ok for a sterile procedure. Any input here?

That makes no sense. Before

That makes no sense. Before covid and now with non-covid patient, your breath is expelled in the room behind a surgical mask. 

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Thanks for that. I agree. So

Thanks for that. I agree. So are people here using PAPRS, N95 or just  the surgical mask in the kits?



I use N95 under a simple with a face shield over all.  But I also contracted the virus. 


The PAPR purpose is for these reasons as it does not spread anything and it protects those who cannot wear the N95.   Our PICC nurses wear them all the time.  We save the shields and clean appropriately.  Only the simple mask in the kit is not sufficient in our hospital policy---it has to be an N95 or PAPR.  If that is what you need - a discussion of supplies should happen with the management.  So sorry you are going through this.  

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