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Pantoprazole IV Push

Are any of you giving pantoprazole IV push (40 mg in 10cc nss syringe)? We are asked to do this - IVP over 2 minutes is supposed to be saving nursing time and yet I am concerned that it won't and therefore they will push it faster than recommended to get done and move on to other things. Current IVP administration allows them to leave the room and come back at completion. Also concerned with phlebitis here. I know educate---educate--educate.... I am a realist though.

You will need to know the pH

You will need to know the pH and osmolarity of the final admixture. Many drugs are now given by IV push both in the hospital and home care. I am curious - how can you given an IV push and leave the room? Are you talking about putting the syringe filled with the IV drug on a syringe pump? Lynn 


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They can't give an IV push

They can't give an IV push and leave the room. I meant tha with the current practice of IVPB administration of this drug the nurse can leave room.

Jose Delp RN BSN

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Jose Delp RN BSN

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