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Alma Kooistra
Over the Wire Catheter Exchange

Hello, and Happy Monday!

I'm looking for a P/P that outlines the procedure for and over the wire catheter exchange.  I didn't see one on the downloads......  If anyone has one they are willing to share, I'd love to see it.


 Richardson  D, Melanin C.
 Richardson  D, Melanin C. Nurse Performed Overwire Exchanges: An Advanced Practice Procedure. JVAD Summer 1997 Vol 2 No 2 pg 8-12.


Try this article. I haven't read it for quite a while but as I recall it had the steps to the procedure well-elaborated. Nancy Moreau has a catheter exchange video as well.


Glenda Dennis
I will share ours which was
I will share ours which was developed from information provided by Jamie Santalucito from OHSU.
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