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ladena rhoden
Outreach Position

I have been given oversignt of an interesting position.  A LPN working for the hospital is given space at several residential facilities to hold 'clinic' days - which are open to the public.  She does BPs, draws blood samples, and can do basic first aid.  A lot of time is spent on follow up with docs and home health and facilitating whatever orders a doc gives for a resident.  A big part of the position is marketing.  She sets up seminars for the public that are held at the homes, etc.

I am just learning what's what and wonder if anyone out there is familiar with such a position.

If a resident or other person comes in to her clinic, and she ends up calling a doc and gets orders, she is careful to ask what the person's preference is as far as hospital, pharmacy, home health, etc.  But, obviously she can refer to the hospitals in the area that we own if there is no preference, so it is a good marketing tool.